Integration with Highrise

NiftyQuoter + Highrise
Import contacts or deals, create and send great proposals with NiftyQuoter and then export a proposal as a new deal to Highrise. Proposal's status will be then automatically synced to Highrise.

Import & export contacts

Integration with Highrise allows you to easily import all your contacts from Highrise to NiftyQuoter with one click of a mouse. When exporting a proposal its client is exported automatically too.

Import & export proposals

You can export NiftyQuoter proposals to Highrise as deals with one click. Or you can search by a name for a pending deal in Highrise and import it as a proposal. Proposal's status (won/lost) is automatically synced to Highrise.

Save emails to Highrise

Set your Highrise's dropbox email as BCC for outgoing emails so that all these emails will be saved to your contact in Highrise.

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