New features: custom client fields, quick cloning, new themes...

  |   Vaclav

​As usual, we compiled the summary of important products updates since the last blog post. Next week it will be four years since we started working on NiftyQuoter. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your continued support!

New features:

  • You can add up to 10 custom client text fields in your account settings.
  • New "Quick clone" button for easy cloning of frequently used proposals - you need to add proposals to the list on the overview screen first.
  • Added 13 new themes.
  • Users can use shared email addresses ( etc.) for sending emails - only admins can set a different "from" address in each user's profile.
  • Auto actions: you can now select multiple tags proposals have to have and also tags that they can't have for creating exceptions.
  • Auto actions: the new "sent or viewed" condition, so you can now use just one auto action in some scenarios.
  • You can now use negative unit discounts (both relative and absolute).
  • You can now download your invoices from My account / Plan & Payments / My invoices.
  • Customizable default proposal name (e.g. New proposal #123) for new proposals.
  • The ability to filter out proposals with a certain tag.
  • The ability to export proposals to a .CSV file.
  • Better support for adding your signatures to proposals manually or automatically.
  • A new checkbox in My account / Proposals / Proposal expiration allows you to automatically expire (hide) proposals when clients reject them.
  • [TotalMonthlyCost] and [TotalMonthlyCostWithTax] tokens are recalculated on the fly when clients click on optional items etc.
  • Custom CSS: you can now use the @import rule: @import url("");

Integrations & API:

  • PayPal and Stripe buttons can be configured to be only enabled on approved proposals.
  • Pipedrive integration: you can set which total you want to export: one-off or monthly recurring total.
  • Pipedrive integration: when exporting a proposal the app creates a note with a link to the proposal
  • Integrations with Pipedrive and Zoho CRM can be configured to use custom client fields.
  • Xero integration: "Go to NiftyQuoter" button will appear on new invoices
  • QuickBooks integration: added beta support for other countries (Australia, Germany etc.)
  • New integration with Insightly can import contacts.
  • API improvements: added parameters for filtering proposals (date_from, date_to, user_id, currency_id).
  • API improvement: you can read and update proposal tags.
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