HTTPS for custom domains, new terms of service, new bulk actions...

  |   Klara

We've started rolling out HTTPS (SSL) support for custom domains in all paid accounts via Let's Encrypt. Almost half of custom domains have already been migrated to HTTPS. If you have a properly configured CNAME DNS record and don't already use Cloudflare's SSL or a different proxy server your custom domain should be migrated to HTTPS in the next few weeks.

New GDPR ready terms of service that include Data Processing Addendum (DPA) are available here.

We've also introduced features that will allow you to quickly remove personal data from old proposals and delete clients completely - two new bulk actions: bulk anonymize proposals and bulk delete clients. If you want to use the anonymize bulk action you need to enable it first in My account / Proposals / Allow admins to bulk anonymize proposals. You can use the anonymize action to remove clients or prospects (+ their IP addresses, comments etc.) from expired unapproved proposals so you can bulk delete the clients completely from the clients screen. Please be very careful, all bulk actions are not reversible! If you want to be also able to simply bulk delete proposals, please contact us.

Other features added lately:

  • New 'send' permission - some user roles can be configured to not be able to send proposals.
  • Profit margins (profit / total) are now calculated.
  • 'IPs with ignored views' field now accepts IP ranges in CIDR notation (e.g. - is in CIDR).
  • New token: [ProposalCurrency]


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