11 inspirations for proposal footer

  |   Klara

A footer of a business proposal can be creatively used to display basic business information and contacts. You can inspire yourself by the formatting of the footer text on the pictures below. The footer text looks better, if you use more shades of gray (or another basic color) and combine a bold and normal font style.

Please note that you can't do this directly in NiftyQuoter, you need to prepare the background image in an image editor and then upload the resulting image to NiftyQuoter.

#1 - one line [proposal theme no.1]


#2 - two columns [proposal theme no.1]


#3 - text align: center [proposal theme no.1]


#4 - left and right columns [proposal theme no.1]


#5 - three columns [proposal theme no.1]


#6 - text align: justify [proposal theme no.14]


#7 - uphill [proposal theme no.14]


#8 - gray stripe [proposal theme no.13]


#9 - in the valley [proposal theme no.11]


#10 - black stripe [proposal theme no.16]


#11 - the wave [proposal theme no.12]

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