7 easy ways to customize the look of your proposals in NiftyQuoter

  |   Klara

#1 Upload your logo

Begin the customization of a proposal with your company logo. Go to My account -> Account settings and upload your logo. Logo is displayed on the left side of a proposal page, in a PDF version of a proposal and in a header of the app.


#2 Customize theme’s background - choose a theme and recolor it

You can choose from NiftyQuoter’s more than twenty beautiful backgrounds. Start on the Themes page. You can have the clean piece of paper, stripes, waves or other ornaments. If the color of the selected theme doesn't fit your logo, you can recolor it easily.

Proposals -> Preview -> Choose or edit theme - this button opens the pop up window where most of the theme editing is done (i.e. Edit theme window).

Edit theme window -> Recolor tab

You can choose a color that fits your logo or try different colors. You can find a great color inspiration on this website: http://www.colourlovers.com


#3 Customize theme’s background - upload your own image

An uploaded image for the proposal background should have correct proportions. The recommended image size for the letter format is 1224x1584px, for A4 format 1440x2036px. Actual sizes may vary, but it is important to keep the suggested aspect ratio.

You can upload your image for the proposal background on the Cover page and Inner page tabs in the Edit theme window.


#4 Edit text style and headings

It is very simple. Everything to edit you find in the Edit theme window. You can customize a style of a cover page and an inner page on Cover page and Inner page tabs. Easy, isn’t it?

For a cover page you can set size, font and color of a proposal name and a proposal info. For an inner page you can set a heading size, font and color and text size, font and color. You can also justify the whole text by checking the checkbox in the General tab.


#5 Design a theme yourself - custom css supported

The Custom css section can be used for a further customization of your proposals' design. You can alter a design of a proposal page your own way, if you know how to use CSS.


#6 Use other settings

You can set some other settings. You can disable the Pageless web layout for a proposal page, cover page of a proposal page, cover page of a pdf version and automatic PDF page breaks. You can also use the custom "From" section on a cover page of a proposal, show page numbers in footer in PDFs and hide the approve, reject and discuss buttons.


#7 Save customized theme as theme template

Do you love the result? Save it as your new theme, you can then set it as the default theme for your text templates, so all your new proposals will automatically use it.

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