October product updates summary

  |   Klara

I would like to summarize the main improvements of NiftyQuoter we have done during October in this post. One of the main changes is a redesign of the app. I hope you will love it. Here is the list of some other notable updates:

  • CSV import/export - ability to import and export price quotes from/to CSV files.
  • Auto actions - send emails automatically to you or your clients (for example 3 days after a proposal was sent or viewed).
  • Proposal codes - you can use them to better organize your proposals.
  • Last comments on the dashboard - new tab with commented proposals on the dashboard.
  • New [ClientSignature] token - you can set a client signature field's position in a proposal.
  • Line item description can contain HTML tags (links etc.).
  • Tax can be marked as default for new line items.
  • Each user can customize his email "from" field.
  • Added daily period.
  • Pipedrive integration - each user can have his own API token.
  • Pipedrive integration exports comments as notes.
  • The autocomplete feature when editing a pricing table can be disabled.
  • New access tokens are shorter.
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