September product updates summary

  |   Klara

September product updates summary is here. We are pleased to inform you about some new features we have made over the past couple of weeks:

#1 New themes & styles:

  • Added 8 new themes.
  • Added 3 new alternative designs of a proposal page.
  • You can combine parts of alternative designs of a proposal page: background style and left panel style.

#2 New features:

  • Custom tokens - you can use your own tokens (e.g. [my_token], [cms_version], ...) inside proposals or templates and also in section and text block headers.
  • You can hide the approve, reject or discuss buttons.
  • You can enable page numbers in PDF footers in your theme's settings.
  • PDF downloads/views are shown on the overview page.
  • Customizable "from" section on the cover page.
  • Ability to show totals on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter data by specific users on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter proposals by owner.
  • When you filter only approved proposals you can sort them by approval date.
  • Custom CSS can contain tokens, so you can use them in your customized PDF page footers.
  • You can set a different currency for each proposal.
  • Added advanced currency formatting (symbol in front?, decimal symbol, thousands separator).

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