Latest product updates overview

  |   Klara

Here is the list of the features we have added since our latest blog post. As you can see we've been busy developing the product. If you still miss some important features, please use the feedback button on the right side and vote for exising ideas or create a new one. Almost all the features you can see below started this way.

  • HTML emails - you can now insert your logo to your email footer
  • email open tracking - you need to enable HTML emails to use this feature
  • email signatures configuration
  • first version of NiftyQuoter API released
  • proposals can have an expiration date
  • you can organize your proposals using custom tags with different colors
  • multiple languages support - add another language and you'll be able to choose a different language for each proposal
  • text blocks can be edited
  • each user can have a different BCC address - useful for integrations with CRMs
  • you can enable displaying of client's address on the cover page
  • added hourly period
  • TeamworkPM integration - you can import contacts
  • Xero integration - you can import contacts
  • when sending an email/proposal to multiple people, you can select only some of them
  • added the ability to search for product/service templates
  • integrations that sync the total value of proposals (Pipedrive, Capsule, Highrise and Nutshell) now do that after each change in NiftyQuoter
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