New features and improvements summary

  |   Klara

Below is the summary of all the new features and improvements we've made since the last blog update.

  • Multiple pricing tables in a single proposal.
  • The ability to attach the PDF version when sending emails.
  • You can add a purchase price (= cost) to line items to calculate and display profits on the dashboard.
  • The app can automatically reject and/or archive expired proposals - two new checkboxes in My account / Proposals / Proposal expiration.
  • [TotalCost] and [TotalCostWithTax] tokens are recalculated on the fly when clients click on optional items etc.
  • You can display your logo on the cover page and hide the logo in the left pane using two new checkboxes in your theme / Cover page tab.
  • You can force pricing tables to always show two decimals after the decimal point even for whole numbers (will show $100.00 instead of $100) in My account / Currencies.
  • API improvements: get and set custom tokens or change a template of a proposal.
  • New theme options: change the size of item descriptions, display descriptions on the first tow.
  • You can enable the proposal locking feature to prevent further editing after an approval in your account settings.
  • Improved autocompletion of items: displays multiple items with the same name and the name of it's template.
  • Editable quantity of optional items configurable on a per-row basis.
  • Payment options: a deposit can be a fixed amount ($1000), not just a percentage(10%).
  • When adding a new row to the pricing table it adds it after the current (= focused) row.
  • Auto actions can send custom emails to any email address.
  • Hovering over the viewed action in the action log displays a link to the IP address geo location tool.
  • Improved cloning of proposals - more available options when cloning.
  • Added filtering by tags to the dashboard.
  • You can enable auto incrementing of product codes in My account / Proposals tab.
  • New fields to set different BCCs for viewed, approved/rejected or new comment notification emails.
  • Display the total with tax only at the bottom of the pricing table. See Theme / Pricing table / "Show total with tax row" and "Hide total with tax column".
  • Spell checker capability is now provided directly by the browser, not by a third party plugin: it's faster and supports your local language. Enable it in Account settings / Proposals.
  • Subtotals for recurring items are now displayed.
  • Extended filters for archived proposals on the dashboard and proposal list.
  • New fonts: Roboto, PT Sans, Open Sans.
  • Easy draggable image resizing now also in Chrome and Safari.
  • New proposal date filters & the ability to set how many proposals per page should be displayed.

New integrations and improvements to existing integrations:

  • New integration: QuickBooks - can export and import contacts, export invoices (US&UK versions only).
  • Xero integration: you can unlink existing invoices.
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