Recent product updates summary

  |   Klara

Here's the list of all the important changes to NiftyQuoter made over the last two months. If you have an idea for another feature, please use the feedback button on the right side of the screen and post your idea there.

  • New feature: internal proposal notes.
  • You can add payment options to your quotes. Clients will be able to choose one of them. Each payment option can have different deposit, number of installments or discount.
  • You can add images and product codes to line items.
  • Clients are able to easily switch between all their active proposals if they have more than one. Users that don't use English should translate this new button.
  • PayPal Pay Now button can be added to proposals.
  • Stripe Pay Now button can be added to proposals.
  • Proposal owner can be changed.
  • New filters and options added to the dashboard.
  • Customizable "to" section on the cover page.
  • Permissions: proposals can be marked as read-only.
  • Permissions: user roles configuration has many new options for restricting access to different parts of the app.
  • You can copy proposal permissions from an existing user role when creating a new role.
  • Added the ability to choose the proposal URL format (default /proposals/ or just /p/).
  • You can now use live chat or analytics apps like Olark more easily by inserting the HTML code they provide to the "HTML code inserted to proposal pages" field in your account settings.
  • You can mark some proposal tags as default for new proposals.
  • You can hover over the total column in the proposal list to show the pricing table.
  • You can hover over the note icon in the proposal list to show the note.
  • New token: [ClientTitle]
  • Added 4 new languages to the translations select box: Polish, Finnish, Russian and Croatian.

New integrations and improvements to existing integrations:

  • New integration: Base CRM - can import contacts.
  • Basic integration with Zapier - you can import contacts into NiftyQuoter.
  • Approval fields are exported to Capsule.
  • Line item relative discounts are exported to Xero.
  • We're now a Xero partner app - the duration of the connection to Xero isn't limited anymore.
  • Capsule integration: you can link a proposal to an existing opportunity or unlink them later.
  • Teamwork integration: new ability to export line items as tasks.
  • Xero integration: product codes are now exported too.
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