NiftyQuoter product updates

  |   Klara

Here's the list of all the important changes to NiftyQuoter made over the last four months. If you have an idea for a new feature please use the feedback button on the right side and vote for existing ideas or create a new one. Thank you.

  • Bulk actions for proposals: change state or archive.
  • Themes: new pricing table styling options (background colors, borders, larger paddings).
  • Line items can have units (e.g. hour, sq ft, setup, user, installation etc.).
  • Per proposal editable bottom section of the cover page.
  • The dashboard can display monthly recurring totals or profits (other periods are recalculated - $120/year = $10/month in the chart)
  • Zapier integration: added support for proposal approved, rejected and viewed triggers.
  • New button for hiding/showing area headers - you can now add headers to price tables too.
  • New theme settings: client signature alignment (right or left), cover page "from" and "to" sections alignment (right or left).
  • Proposal list: comments and notes will appear when you hover over them.
  • Zapier + API: new proposal attributes contain links (to overview, public with and without views tracking, to PDFs) and client name, business name and email.
  • The button for copying proposal URL to the clipboard has more options.
  • Auto actions: you can set a different sender for emails to clients.
  • Email notifications now include clickable public links to proposals.
  • New token: [ProposalSentOnLast]
  • Proposal filters: use up to 3 tags. Both AND and OR operators are supported.
  • Proposal filters: search by expiration date.
  • Permissions: user roles can be restricted from creating and modifying text blocks.
  • Themes: new checkbox for hiding product codes.
  • Themes: if you now hide both total & total with tax columns the total row will still be displayed.
  • Themes: new checkbox for hiding total & subtotal rows.
  • The new "Job title" field added to clients.
  • When editing custom tokens the app now automatically suggests their values from latest proposals.
  • New discount row type will be added to all accounts soon: relative discount (%) from all the items in the same table including optional items.
  • Auto actions now fully support attaching PDF versions.
  • Approval notifications also have the PDF version attached.
  • Pipedrive integration: you set a default pipeline/stage for new deals.
  • Freshbooks integration can now create invoices for people without companies.


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