October product updates summary

  |   Klara

I would like to summarize the main improvements of NiftyQuoter we have done during October in this post. One of the main changes is a redesign of the app. I hope you will love it. Here is the list of some other notable updates:

  • CSV import/export - ability to import and export price quotes from/to CSV files.
  • Auto actions - send emails automatically to you or your clients (for example 3 days after a proposal was sent or viewed).
  • Proposal codes - you can use them to better organize your proposals.
  • Last comments on the dashboard - new tab with commented proposals on the dashboard.
  • New [ClientSignature] token - you can set a client signature field's position in a proposal.
  • Line item description can contain HTML tags (links etc.).
  • Tax can be marked as default for new line items.
  • Each user can customize his email "from" field.
  • Added daily period.
  • Pipedrive integration - each user can have his own API token.
  • Pipedrive integration exports comments as notes.
  • The autocomplete...

September product updates summary

  |   Klara

September product updates summary is here. We are pleased to inform you about some new features we have made over the past couple of weeks:

#1 New themes & styles:

  • Added 8 new themes.
  • Added 3 new alternative designs of a proposal page.
  • You can combine parts of alternative designs of a proposal page: background style and left panel style.

#2 New features:

  • Custom tokens - you can use your own tokens (e.g. [my_token], [cms_version], ...) inside proposals or templates and also in section and text block headers.
  • You can hide the approve, reject or discuss buttons.
  • You can enable page numbers in PDF footers in your theme's settings.
  • PDF downloads/views are shown on the overview page.
  • Customizable "from" section on the cover page.
  • Ability to show totals on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter data by specific users on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter proposals by owner.
  • When you filter only approved proposals you can sort them by approval date.
  • Custom CSS can contain...

7 easy ways to customize the look of your proposals in NiftyQuoter

  |   Klara

#1 Upload your logo

Begin the customization of a proposal with your company logo. Go to My account -> Account settings and upload your logo. Logo is displayed on the left side of a proposal page, in a PDF version of a proposal and in a header of the app.


#2 Customize theme’s background - choose a theme and recolor it

You can choose from NiftyQuoter’s more than twenty beautiful backgrounds. Start on the Themes page. You can have the clean piece of paper, stripes, waves or other ornaments. If the color of the selected theme doesn't fit your logo, you can recolor it easily.

11 inspirations for proposal footer

  |   Klara

A footer of a business proposal can be creatively used to display basic business information and contacts. You can inspire yourself by the formatting of the footer text on the pictures below. The footer text looks better, if you use more shades of gray (or another basic color) and combine a bold and normal font style.

Please note that you can't do this directly in NiftyQuoter, you need to prepare the background image in an image editor and then upload the resulting image to NiftyQuoter.

#1 - one line [proposal theme no.1]

Summer product updates summary

  |   Vaclav

It's time to summarize product updates since the last blog post. Only the significant new features are mentioned here:

  • Brand new content editor
  • Text block library - blocks are taggable so you can organize them well
  • Support for custom SMTP server for sending emails
  • You can set up reasons for rejection to see why clients reject your proposals
  • Integration with Zoho CRM
  • Editable quantities - your clients will be able to change the quantity of all optional items if you enable this new feature in your account settings.
  • Product/service templates can be cloned
  • Customizable page breaks in PDFs

We're really excited about these new features expecially the brand new content editor that brings truly wysiwyg editing experience without the need to constantly switch between preview and editing mode to see the changes.

May product updates summary

  |   Vaclav

We've been busy refining existing and adding new features in the past month and a half. Here are some of the major improvements:

  • proposal analytics - you can see the total time a client spent viewing your proposal
  • ability to archive/unarchive proposals
  • added new pageless web layout
  • support for multiple email templates - you can use different templates for different products or for different proposal stages (follow-ups etc.)
  • proposal states can be automatically synced to Capsule
  • integration with Pipedrive
  • a lot of other tweaks

We're tirelessly working on another cool features right now. Stay tuned!

Optional line items implemented

  |   Vaclav

Last week we added support for a frequently requested feature - optional line items in quotes.

It works like this: you can mark some line items as optional and also pre-select them by default. Proper usage of optional line items should reduce redos and unnecessary communication between you and your clients since clients can select what they want by themselves. Also you should sell more products or services because you can offer more premium options they can choose from.

Hope this helps you win more proposals!

Would you like to see another feature being implemented into NiftyQuoter proposal software? Just let us know!

New product features and improvements

  |   Vaclav

This is an overview of the changes we have made over the past couple of weeks.

  • revamped dashboard - nicer and with more useful data about your current proposals
  • text templates cloning
  • you can now append multiple text templates to a single proposal - a new way to compose proposals
  • better support for custom background images in proposals
  • Capsule integration can now import only recent clients - useful if you have many legacy clients that don't need to be imported
  • FreshBooks integration automatically creates clients in FreshBooks if needed when exporting a proposal
  • small icons indicating proposal's integration on the dashboard and on the proposals page
  • a lot of other small tweaks and fixes

A lot of these improvements have been made because our clients asked for them. So if you have an idea for a new feature, don't hesitate and tell us.

Introducing Harvest integration, Highrise integration updated

  |   Vaclav

Last week we rolled out the Harvest integration. It allows you to easily import all your clients from Harvest to NiftyQuoter with one click of a mouse. The other way - from NiftyQuoter to Harvest - is also supported. When you export a proposal it creates an invoice, a project and a client in Harvest automatically.

We also updated the Highrise integration to be even more time-saving than before. Now it supports deal importing, automatically exports a client when exporting a proposal and syncs proposal's state to Highrise. So for example when a client approves a proposal our proposal software updates deal's state in Highrise to won state.

FreshBooks, Capsule integrations, quick search feature

  |   Vaclav

In recent days we have rolled out two new integrations. Integration with FreshBooks provides an easy way to import clients and export proposals as invoices. Capsule integration supports importing clients as well, but allows both export and import of proposals from Capsule's opportunities. You can easily set up these integrations in the integrations tab in your account settings.

Another cool feature that was implemented recently is the quick search - you can now search for a proposal or a client from any page using smart search field at the top and jump right to it's details page.

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