Email service migration

  |   Vaclav

This message only applies to users who don't use their SMTP server for sending emails.

Because of the upcoming policy changes (mandatory DKIM and SPF verification) of our current email provider ( we won't be able to send emails on your behalf unless you switch to the new provider by verifying your email addresses in My account / Email & domain authentication. Or alternatively you can set up your SMTP server in My account / SMTP server.

You can verify all email addresses by clicking the verification links in confirmation emails from Postmark, and Postmark will allow us to send emails on your behalf.

However it's higly recommended to also authenticate your domain by adding SPF and DKIM records to your DNS (there's a guide in My account / Email & domain authentication) to increase the deliverability of your emails. It's a little bit more complicated, but it's definitely worth it, since Postmark will be...

New features: custom client fields, quick cloning, new themes...

  |   Vaclav

As usual, we compiled the summary of important products updates since the last blog post. Next week it will be four years since we started working on NiftyQuoter. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your continued support!

New features:

  • You can add up to 10 custom client text fields in your account settings.
  • New "Quick clone" button for easy cloning of frequently used proposals - you need to add proposals to the list on the overview screen first.
  • Added 13 new themes.
  • Users can use shared email addresses ( etc.) for sending emails - only admins can set a different "from" address in each user's profile.
  • Auto actions: you can now select multiple tags proposals have to have and also tags that they can't have for creating exceptions.
  • Auto actions: the new "sent or viewed" condition, so you can now use just one auto action in some scenarios.
  • You can...

NiftyQuoter product updates

  |   Klara

Here's the list of all the important changes to NiftyQuoter made over the last four months. If you have an idea for a new feature please use the feedback button on the right side and vote for existing ideas or create a new one. Thank you.

  • Bulk actions for proposals: change state or archive.
  • Themes: new pricing table styling options (background colors, borders, larger paddings).
  • Line items can have units (e.g. hour, sq ft, setup, user, installation etc.).
  • Per proposal editable bottom section of the cover page.
  • The dashboard can display monthly recurring totals or profits (other periods are recalculated - $120/year = $10/month in the chart)
  • Zapier integration: added support for proposal approved, rejected and viewed triggers.
  • New button for hiding/showing area headers - you can now add headers to price tables too.
  • New theme settings: client signature alignment (right or left), cover page "from" and "to" sections alignment (right or left).
  • Proposal list:...

New features and improvements summary

  |   Klara

Below is the summary of all the new features and improvements we've made since the last blog update.

  • Multiple pricing tables in a single proposal.
  • The ability to attach the PDF version when sending emails.
  • You can add a purchase price (= cost) to line items to calculate and display profits on the dashboard.
  • The app can automatically reject and/or archive expired proposals - two new checkboxes in My account / Proposals / Proposal expiration.
  • [TotalCost] and [TotalCostWithTax] tokens are recalculated on the fly when clients click on optional items etc.
  • You can display your logo on the cover page and hide the logo in the left pane using two new checkboxes in your theme / Cover page tab.
  • You can force pricing tables to always show two decimals after the decimal point even for whole numbers (will show $100.00 instead of $100) in My account / Currencies.
  • API improvements: get and set custom tokens or change a template of a proposal.
  • New theme options: change the...

Recent product updates summary

  |   Klara

Here's the list of all the important changes to NiftyQuoter made over the last two months. If you have an idea for another feature, please use the feedback button on the right side of the screen and post your idea there.

  • New feature: internal proposal notes.
  • You can add payment options to your quotes. Clients will be able to choose one of them. Each payment option can have different deposit, number of installments or discount.
  • You can add images and product codes to line items.
  • Clients are able to easily switch between all their active proposals if they have more than one. Users that don't use English should translate this new button.
  • PayPal Pay Now button can be added to proposals.
  • Stripe Pay Now button can be added to proposals.
  • Proposal owner can be changed.
  • New filters and options added to the dashboard.
  • Customizable "to" section on the cover page.
  • Permissions: proposals can be marked as read-only.
  • Permissions: user roles configuration has many new options for...

Spring product updates: permissions & more

  |   Vaclav

We've put together a list of all the new features and updates to our product since our last post. If you have an idea for a new feature please use the feedback button on the right side and vote for exising ideas or create a new one. Thank you.

  • You can add custom fields to the approval form - My account / Approval fields.
  • Auto action emails can be configured to be sent immediately. You can now automatically send an email to a client immediately after he approves/rejects a proposal.
  • Proposal permissions & customizable user roles: you can add multiple user roles and restrict access to specific proposals for some of the roles (or individual users if each user has it's own user role). You can also make templates or service/product templates read-only for some user roles.
  • Updated API - you can list your proposals, manage line items and more.
  • Responsive proposal design for mobile phones - enable/disable in your account settings. 
  • Sort clients by proposal...

Latest product updates overview

  |   Klara

Here is the list of the features we have added since our latest blog post. As you can see we've been busy developing the product. If you still miss some important features, please use the feedback button on the right side and vote for exising ideas or create a new one. Almost all the features you can see below started this way.

  • HTML emails - you can now insert your logo to your email footer
  • email open tracking - you need to enable HTML emails to use this feature
  • email signatures configuration
  • first version of NiftyQuoter API released
  • proposals can have an expiration date
  • you can organize your proposals using custom tags with different colors
  • multiple languages support - add another language and you'll be able to choose a different language for each proposal
  • text blocks can be edited
  • each user can have a different BCC address - useful for integrations with CRMs
  • you can enable displaying of client's address on the cover page
  • added hourly...

Introducing Nutshell integration

  |   Klara

This week we have finished the Nutshell integration. The integration allows you to work more effectively and saves your time. I would like to introduce the Nutshell CRM first.


Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM  is a modern, web-based application to help manage your business's leads, contacts and accounts.  It features a smooth, easy-to-use interface, powerful process management tools, and a mobile app. Insightful reports make it easy to track your leads and your sales reps' activities.

More info about Nutshell CRM here:


NiftyQuoter - Nutshell integration

Import accounts & contacts from Nutshell to NiftyQuoter, create and send great proposals with NiftyQuoter and then export a proposal as a new lead to Nutshell. Proposal's status and new comments will be then automatically synced to Nutshell. More about this feature here:

October product updates summary

  |   Klara

I would like to summarize the main improvements of NiftyQuoter we have done during October in this post. One of the main changes is a redesign of the app. I hope you will love it. Here is the list of some other notable updates:

  • CSV import/export - ability to import and export price quotes from/to CSV files.
  • Auto actions - send emails automatically to you or your clients (for example 3 days after a proposal was sent or viewed).
  • Proposal codes - you can use them to better organize your proposals.
  • Last comments on the dashboard - new tab with commented proposals on the dashboard.
  • New [ClientSignature] token - you can set a client signature field's position in a proposal.
  • Line item description can contain HTML tags (links etc.).
  • Tax can be marked as default for new line items.
  • Each user can customize his email "from" field.
  • Added daily period.
  • Pipedrive integration - each user can have his own API token.
  • Pipedrive integration exports comments as notes.
  • The autocomplete...

September product updates summary

  |   Klara

September product updates summary is here. We are pleased to inform you about some new features we have made over the past couple of weeks:

#1 New themes & styles:

  • Added 8 new themes.
  • Added 3 new alternative designs of a proposal page.
  • You can combine parts of alternative designs of a proposal page: background style and left panel style.

#2 New features:

  • Custom tokens - you can use your own tokens (e.g. [my_token], [cms_version], ...) inside proposals or templates and also in section and text block headers.
  • You can hide the approve, reject or discuss buttons.
  • You can enable page numbers in PDF footers in your theme's settings.
  • PDF downloads/views are shown on the overview page.
  • Customizable "from" section on the cover page.
  • Ability to show totals on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter data by specific users on the dashboard.
  • Ability to filter proposals by owner.
  • When you filter only approved proposals you can sort them by approval date.
  • Custom CSS can contain...